Steve earned a Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Berkeley and studied international economics at American University. He began his career in technology in 1990, working in networking and security for companies including Bechtel, Cohesive, 3Com, Good, and Exodus.

In 2003, Steve started Cobaltix. Since then, many of Steve’s clients started asking for not just IT and security services, but also for compliance work, so in 2015, Steve started Cobaltix Compliance to address these compliance and regulatory needs.  More recently, Steve has been focusing a lot of time on Manage Labs, a SaaS company that helps managers. There has been huge interest in this new company.

In addition to running Cobaltix and Cobaltix Compliance, Steve has been helping great not-for-profits. Steve is on the board of Zanmi Lakay, an organization that works directly with street kids in Jacmel, Haiti. Because of his work both in the US and directly with the kids in Haiti, dozens of kids are now computer literate and more will become so because of the labs that he funded and helped install there.

Steve is also an ultra-marathon, cold-water swimmer. He trains in the San Francisco Bay at the South End Club, and is one of the most accomplished cold-water swimmers in the world. Above water, Steve has been happily married for over 20 years and has three great kids.