Cameron Bellamy and Steve Walker are not afraid of risk. Their personal lives revolve around taking calculated risks. They met in Spain in 2015 in preparation for an ultramarathon swim from Spain to Morocco that took each of them over four hours to complete. That was just the start and they each had much longer swims to come. Hypothermia, muscle injury, sweeping ocean currents, jellyfish stings, sharks, and creeping self-doubt constitute a large part of the risks of ultramarathon swims; in other words, ultramarathon athletes like Cameron and Steve are well-acquainted with risk and know how to embrace it in their swim careers. Because of this familiarity with risk, Cameron and Steve know when to be smart and strategic about the risks they take, and how to get rid of as many of the risk factors as possible to ensure safety and success.

With practice minimizing risk in his swimming career as well as having a professional background at Standard & Poor’s, Cameron was the perfect fit as a business partner for Steve, who wanted to start a compliance company to compliment his IT consulting business, Cobaltix. Steve founded Cobaltix as his first company in San Francisco in 2003. The company provides IT outsourcing and network consulting services to businesses around the United States as well as around the world.

Its offerings also included cybersecurity compliance up until 2015 when, out of market need, the company’s time became increasingly devoted to compliance work. This was when Steve decided the time was right to create an independent company to handle these compliance and cybersecurity needs. Thus, Cobaltix Compliance was set into motion.

In November 2018, Cameron was the first person in history to complete the complex swim around the island of Barbados and in 2019, Cameron and his crew were the first people to row the Drake Passage to Antarctica. Cameron is also recently the 11th person and the first South African ever to complete the Oceans7–ultramarathon swimming’s equivalent of mountaineering’s Seven Summits. Steve completed six out of the seven swims and has done some of the most difficult cold-water swims in the world, often using his hands to break through ice to swim sans wetsuit. Their focus and mindfulness of the risks associated with these difficult swims help guide their drive to help clients navigate regulatory environments, improve security, and reduce overall risk.