Cameron, a South African native, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Rhodes University as well as a Master’s degree in International Economics and Finance from the University of Queensland.

Cameron has global experience working in technology and international finance. Currently residing in San Francisco, Cameron has also worked in China as both a consultant and a research analyst for GNS China, as well as in London and Bejing as Senior Compliance Analyst and Manager of Equity Markets for Standard & Poor’s. In 2015 Cameron decided to partner with Steve Walker – after swimming the Strait of Gibraltar together – to create Cobaltix Compliance in San Francisco.

Outside of Cobaltix Compliance, Cameron is the founder and CEO of the Ubunye Challenge. He works to raise money to support some of the poorest and most underdeveloped rural communities of South Africa and Zimbabwe through encouraging athletes to complete adventurous endurance challenges.

Cameron enjoys long-distance events such as cycling, rowing, and swimming. He completed the Oceans7 as well as the first swim around Barbados in 2018, and the first human-powered row of Drake's Passage in 2019. Cameron is currently training for even more long swims and endurance events.